Focus on business, not paperwork.

QuickCAP 7.0 streamlines all the administrative and clinical data processes you need to deliver top quality healthcare. You gain time, drop stress and save money.

You have scalable control over your workflow and information to work smarter, not harder. Customize your dashboard for ease, automate your processes for speed, and gain insights for growth.

Here’s how QuickCAP can make your world oh so much easier:

  • • Simplify contracting and rapidly check provider credentials.
  • • Streamline claims work — every element of a claim is at your fingertips.
  • • Improve care coordination with efficient information flow and a bird’s eye view of the team.
  • • Easily generate common-sense reports to position yourself to gain new business.

QuickCAP™ Software Overview

The power’s in your hands. Customize your view with a dashboard you control. Save time with bird’s-eye snapshots of team workload & performance.

  • • Customize “dashlets” to show the summary-level metrics you need most.
  • • Count on secure access for every role.
  • • Rely on accurate, unlimited reimbursement configurations.
  • • Set up timeliness alerts for clinical and administrative processes.

Easy as flipping a switch. Automated processes make the complex easy. Streamline the workflow from mailroom to medical director.

  • • Auto-adjudicate and route referrals, authorizations, and claims to minimize manual reviews.
  • • Effectively calculate capitation and quickly process reports.
  • • Auto-update important codes and eligible members.
  • • Better manage higher risk populations with automated clinical alerts.


See the bottom line, show the bottom line.

  • • Easily determine profitability for individual providers, health plans, or entire organizations
  • • Meet all report needs for any audits
  • • Give greater control to UM with comprehensive analytic data
  • • Predict medical expenses using the built-in Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) report


Use QuickCAP's all-inclusive suite of software tools to simplify all your data needs.

  • • Save everyone time with an everything-you-need, all-in-one solution
  • • Take advantage of cost-efficient, integrated modules
  • • Save big on software, clearinghouse charges, postage
  • • Manage payment flow easily with detailed controls