Maximizing Opportunity and Growth

MedVision’s management team is passionate about hiring, motivating and retaining quality, ethical healthcare experienced talent. Our business and technology oriented professionals are essential to advancing clients’ interest and our growth strategy.

With a foundation of personnel having a combined experience of more than 150 years, MedVision seeks to remain a forerunner of application business process solutions. Our close client relationships allow us to understand the climate of change in our markets, develop partnerships to maximize efficiency and create mutual opportunity for long-term growth.

The MedVision brand is a reflection of strong accountability, collaboration, and growth — a leader to remain.

Mike Patel – President

Mike earned his Degree in Pharmacy from Drake University at the age of 20. Driving to improve the efficiency of his business, he built a revolutionary system that completely digitized his pharmacy operations. With entrepreneurial development at his core, Mr. Patel has successfully launched several healthcare software platforms to include EMR, pharmaceutical robotics, back office support services, and managed care. Mr. Patel’s vision is MedVision's mission; to equip healthcare organizations with the most intelligent, intuitive, and efficient single platform software solution in the industry, while always providing the most comprehensive service to clients.

Albert B. Sosa – CEO

Albert is a leader and driven to transform the business-as-usual direction of the organization. He brings nearly 30 years of experience in technology systems and services in business environments across diverse industries. His expertise includes business development growth, product management, training, relationship building and market penetration across the U.S. - working with early entrants in the managed care market space. Albert has managed multi-billion dollar production teams, exceeding triple digit growth throughout his career.

Dan Rukavina – Director, Sales-Implementation and Training

Daniel Rukavina, Director of Implementation and Training, has an immense knowledge base of the managed care industry. With over 8 years of experience working within MedVision, he has played major roles in sales, marketing, training, management, and operations. Mr. Rukavina graduated from Augustana College with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science.

Deanna McQuillan – Business Relationship Manager

Deanna McQuillan is a senior Client Relationship Manager with MedVision. Her experience in the healthcare industry includes working in EMR, TPA, managed care and pharmaceutical benefit management companies. Ms. McQuillan's background provides a solid foundation to assess customer needs, develop relationship strategies, and programs that produce favorable customer experiences. Ms. McQuillan graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Accounting and a minor in English with Business Disciplines.

Chukwuka A. Chidi (Chuka) – CFO

Chuka brings to MedVision over 16 years of combined experience as a certified public accountant and financial officer. In the past, he has been responsible for strategic and day to day finance and accounting functions for businesses with annual sales in excess of $100 million. As an executive team member, he participates in strategic planning, including contract negotiations, expense forecasting, tax planning, and cash management/investment strategies for MedVison.


Davor Rukavina – Senior Technology Advisor

Davor was one of the original three founders of MedVision in 1994. With over 27 years of information management experience and 18 years working with and developing QuickCap, Davor has amassed a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise. His background in the design, integration and implementation of advanced relational databases and artificial intelligence systems has had an invaluable impact in the success of MedVision. Today Davor serves in a senior executive advisory role to MedVision.